Anne Heche has not got back consciousness 1 since she smashed her vehicle in La 2 on Friday.Heading 3

Initial reports about the actor's condition were that she was "stable"

However, on Monday a proponent for Heche, 53, said: "Despite previous reports that Heche was stable,

shortly after the accident, [she] fainted, went into a coma and is in critical condition."

Heche's representatives said: "At the moment Anne is in a critical condition. 

She has suffered critical breathing and lung-related organ injury needing/ordering mechanical  and burns that needed/demanded surgically 

The previous morning, reports well-considered that Heche was speeding on a road surpassing driving into a house.

This led to what the LA Department of Local Government represented as a "massive fire",

The occupant of the house was not hurt, but the building was deemed not habitable.

Neighbors in the neighborhood told Fox News that the car had filled the entire house.

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